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At Hearts & Home Bed & Breakfast, you will find inspiration through rejuvenating retreats, uplifting inspirational breakfasts, and mindful yoga sessions. Immerse yourself in a nurturing environment that has been thoughtfully designed to elevate your well-being and personal growth. Enjoy a truly enriching experience at Hearts & Home, where relaxation and personal development come together harmoniously.


We collaborate with Adriana from Renaissance to host retreats and coaching workshops at H&H.

The hectic rhythm of life can often create a fog that prevents you from seeing your true potential. During our retreats and inspirational breakfasts, you will learn to dissolve this fog by elevating your self-awareness, enabling you to harness your unique talents and lead your life from the inside-out.

As a result, you will experience a newfound sense of ease and unlimited potential that will flourish in both your personal life and professional endeavors.

Group Bookings

We offer a complete group experience, making it the perfect destination for family gatherings, reunions, or special events.

To ensure a tailored experience for your party, please reach out to us for more information.

Mom & Daughter Stays

We periodically offer this special experience as a way for mom and daughter to reconnect, strengthen their relationships over 3 or 4 night stay package.

This experience includes yoga classes on our roof top terrace, cooking classes with our very own chefs, an evening in home dining prepared by either one of our chefs.

Celebrate love this Valentine's Day!

With only 3 rooms available, each offering incredible Mediterranean sea views, this special experience is priced at 350€.

Treat your special someone to a two-night getaway in our sea-view rooms from February 9-11 or 16-18.